Southeastern Family Violence Center

Pursuing Peace in Robeson County

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S.F.V.C. is a 32-year old private non-profit organization that depends on support from our community. We offer crisis intervention, shelter and advocacy services for adult (men & women) as well as child victims of intimate partner violence and/or family violence. 

Intimate partner/family violence is used to gain power and control over a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, former spouse, cohabitant or family member by assaulting, threatening or verbally abusing them. Intimate partner/family violence happens to people of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, ethnic groups, and income levels.

  • Someone you know has been the victim of Intimate partner/family violence.
  • Someone you know has known the terror of an assault or a threat and has been paralyzed by fear.
  • Someone you know has needed help, but could not get it, needed someone to listen, but no one was there.

We believe Intimate partner/family violence should not only be appropriately responded to but efforts should be made to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Because of this we offer a batterer’s intervention program that seeks to help perpetrators of abuse change their behavior. We also partner with schools and other community groups to engage and inform young people about dating violence using a program that has been proven effective. 

For more detail see our Get Help Page

In addition to your generous contributions SFVC is funded by:

  • United Way of Robeson County
  • The City of Lumberton
  • Robeson County
  • North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission
  • NC Council for Women
  • Robeson County Community Foundation
  • Emergency Food & Shelter Program
  • NC Department of Health & Human Services